20 September 2011

OHIM is Transforming to Become a "True IP Agency"

In a recent article titled "OHIM Soon To Be Transformed Into Sort Of IP Enforcement Agency" our ksnh::law blog reports on the EU Commission's Document COM(2011) 288 final (EU Council Document 10668/11) that suggests to entruste OHIM "with certain tasks related to the protection of intellectual property rights, including the assembling of public and private sector representatives as a European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy", being perfectly in line with OHIM President Antonio Campinos' plans to transform his boring Registration Office into a flashy "IP Agency", involving merging the EU Commission’s "Observatory on Counterfeiting" into OHIM.

Even though the Draft is silent about the influence of the Observatory on Internet politics, we believe that this institution will play a significant role in defining and promoting IP enforcement policies affecting the Internet.