19 September 2011

Patent-Sceptical German Pirate Party Sensationally Enters Berlin Regional Parliament

In a new article titled "How (Not) To Get Rid Of Software Patents" on the ksnh::law blog, my colleague Axel Horns reports on the success of the German Priate Party on yesterday's general elections for the Berlin regional parliament, where the party could, for the first time in Germany, surpass the 5% quorum.

Even though the German Chapter is sceptical about current Copyright and Patent law, the "Piratenpartei" appears not to aim abolishment of patents in general but "only" demands to ban patents on software, genes, biological organisms and business methods. However,the pirate's result may be a "strong sign that also in the field of IP protection times may well be changing" - at least on the (very) long range, if a new generation of voters and politicians takes a different view on innovation and its legal regulation.